Solar Scandals, Corruption, and The Green Con

I just read an article about Michigan’s support of solar companies who have failed. Unfortunate, but not nearly as bad as the Scandals and corruption at the Federal level.

I kind of feel like I know a bit about practical solar installations and I can tell you that I knew last year that Solyndra’s business plan didn’t make sense. Their unique technology never “penciled out”. Never.

I also considered Evergreen and decided to us other panels because  the company looked like it was going down hill.

I am not happy that our tax dollars were wasted on those efforts when anyone with an ounce of business sense would not have invested in those companies. It embarrasses me to be associated with this kind of corruption, back-room dealings and scandals.

Here is a recent article about the State of¬† Michigan’s soar flops:

The companies that were involved in my solar roof are long-term solar manufacturers, making steady improvements in their designs and production. That is really the way it should be.

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