More Progress on My Ann Arbor Solar Plan

I thought our plan to put solar panels on our roof was fairly complete. We were going to use
Enphase micro-inverters and just put as many as were practical up there.

But then two new points came up:

1. Electronic reliability is inversely proportional to temperature. And temperature change impacts reliability also. The roof of a house can see -20 degrees on the coldest day of the decade, then go up to 150+ on the warmest day of the decade. An an individual day could swing 60 degrees. That is not the best place to put dozens of inverters.

2. The wife wants some way to generate power with all that hardware up there even if the grid goes down. (There is no effective way to do this with the Enphase product.)

So we are back to a string tie system. Back to the drawing board….

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