Select Solar And Generator Wins Contract for my Ann Arbor Solar Roof

After eight months of consideration we decided to move ahead with Mike Cooley of Select Solar and Generator for our Ann Arbor solar roof project.

Select Solar and Generator (  is a company with offices in about 10 locations in the US and Canada. I originally spoke to Mike back in February when I was very early in the process. I didn’t know it at the time but their “February 2010 Special” was an outstanding value. It sounds like they were able to negotiate a special deal with their suppliers to put that together.

The package we ended up with for our roof was certainly optimized also. In comparison to the other companies I contacted and received bids from I think we were offered a better overall value for two reasons:

1. Select Solar seems to buy in higher volume from their suppliers resulting in lower costs to us as an end user.

2. In Mike’s words he is “trying to make a living, not trying to make a killing.”

That rang true in a couple ways in my experience so far.

More to come as the process progresses…..

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