Solar Power – Secret Revealed – Getting Solar Power Photo Voltaic Cells For a Low Cost Or Even Free

One of the draw backs to converting from on-grid electricity to Solar Power is the perceived expensiveness of the project. This need not be the case. It is possible for the average home do-it-yourself-er to convert their home or business to solar power. Perhaps the biggest way to bring down the cost of that conversion is to get the photo voltaic cells (PV cells) for as little cost as possible.

PV cells can be purchased at a discount from suppliers be looking for used and discontinued cells. It is even possible to get panels totally for free. The way to do that is really simple, but it does take a little foot work. Next time you are driving down the highway and see one of those portable sign systems that the road crews use alongside of the roads, stop and check it out. Look for the name and phone number of the company that owns the machine, and write down the information.

Those portable sign systems usually are powered by solar power. Sometimes the PV panels are slightly damaged, and have to be replaced, leaving the contractor with unusable solar panels. Unusable to them. For your purposes, many of the PV cells on the panel are not damaged. You can remove them from that panel and use them when you build your own panel, just discard the few damaged ones. It is easier for the construction contractor just to throw them out and replace them with new ones. Go visit the contractor and ask if they have any damaged PV panels that they are throwing away that you can have for free, or to purchase at a low cost.

That is the secret to getting Solar panel cells for low or no cost. Purchasing discontinued, older, or used stock from a retail or wholesale supplier. Asking for broken PV panels with good cells, and removing the good cells to be built into new panels.

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