Solar Power – Solar Power Home – Advantages Vs Disadvantages

If you want to convert your home to solar energy, then read this comparison of the advantages versus the disadvantages. In growing environmental and economic concerns, turning to a home powered entirely by the sun is a rising trend. Fossil fuel prices are going nowhere but up in the long term, and solar energy is a great way people are finding more money in the budget at the end of the month.

Advantages to solar energy:

One: When using solar power, your impact on the environment is lessened. You don’t have to be worried about affecting the air with pollutants in order to power your home. This advantage speaks to today’s rising concern over climate change and even simple stewardship of resources. Solar panels are a great way to address the issue.

Two: If you are using the sun’s energy, then you essentially have an endless energy source. It won’t be given over to blackouts any time soon. Compare that to fossil fuel supply and you can see this is a clear advantage.

Three: If you have a solar panel house, you won’t be limited by anyone as to how much energy you use. It’s free energy! You won’t have the concern over high electric bills every month just because demand is increasing.

Four: Having a solar power home, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the power requirements. This system doesn’t have moving parts, and solar cells are very durable – they last a lifetime and then some. You won’t need to worry about maintenance at all.

Now that we’ve covered the advantages, what are the disadvantages of a solar power home?

Disadvantages to solar energy:

One: The truth is, there are costs to buying solar panels for your home especially when tied to initial installation. Of course you need to count the cost before you go out and make a purchase, as to what it would cost to power your home. Many researchers the world over are trying to find ways to reduce this initial cost, but everyone wants to have a solar power home. It’s still a bit expensive. You do have the option to D-I-Y, from a manual that can teach you to do it easily. This would save plenty of money.

Two: A solar powered home is dependent on the shining of the sun. If there are overcast days, trees blocking the panels, and often times during the winter months, solar energy is cut down.

Of course there are many more pro’s and con’s to using solar energy. If you truly want a solar powered house, then more research will be required. Solar power has many benefits to be sure. Don’t forget that there are drawbacks as well to weigh out. Before buying, be sure to weigh both.

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