Solar Power – Solar Power In The Home

Solar Power In The Home

The worlds energy crisis has brought us to a point where we need to consider investing in alternative power solutions for our homes. It is one way of helping the government cope with the energy crisis and at the same time helping to save power for the rest of the world. You could consider the installation of an alternative energy solution at home to be a great public service.

Among the alternate power solutions, solar power systems and wind power systems are the most popular being less cumbersome. Though wind power is a great idea, not all of us can implement it at our homes because of its pre-requisites. A large area and an average wind speed of 11mph is needed to successfully implement a wind power system. It is much easier to implement a solar power system. Sunlight is all that is needed.

The complete solar power system has different components. Depending on their needs, some people only install a few of these component. For a full solar power system you would probably require the following components-.

Solar cooker: One of the most popular solar energy systems used in homes is the solar cooker. Here are some of the benefits:
Healthy cooking – The food cooked using a solar cooker is considered very healthy. You can cook for a family of five in a small cooking box at a time.
Variety cooking – You can boil, roast, and bake using the same system.
No fuel – The solar cooker does not use any other fuel other than the sun’s light, thus helping you save power.
No emissions – There are no gas emissions or residue. No emissions means it’s a very environment-friendly cooking system.

Solar generator: Solar generators run your appliance by using solar energy. Photovoltaic cells are used to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Cells are used to strore the electrical energy generated. It is a great idea to install a solar generator at home to sove power and costs. Imagine running electrical appliances without worrying about paying any bills!

Solar thermal system: Solar thermal systems take care of your home’s heating requirements. You can maintain a steady temperature at your house without worrying about bills. Due to their popularity, these systems are now very affordable. They systems are also no longer an eyesore.

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