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Well done for locating this specific write-up, it might actually save you tens of thousands of dollars and drastically reduce the pay back time for your brand new solar energy system.

However you located this does not mean much at this moment, what precisely does matter is that you are now equipped with the facts that IT IS POSSIBLE for you to build your own personal solar power panels.

The objective of the following article is to give you a quick run down of the procedure to build your own solar panel. First things first you need to find yourself a small solar power panel which is 12 volts or larger. In this particular case a sixteen volt solar power cell will certainly fit your needs the best.

The very first location to check out is your neighborhood hardware store. Go to the major ones to begin with, or for good discounts search for 2nd hand panels from the smaller retail outlets. You ought to be able to find one that is priced close to or perhaps under a hundred bucks.

The 2nd major thing you’ll need is a battery. Whereas you could be tempted to go large or go home regarding this aspect, a more compact standard rechargeable solar battery is normally the perfect pick.

A 12 volt lead or acid battery will do the trick. The particular variety you are searching for in this case is a deep cell battery mainly because they happen to be constructed the best for the purpose of frequent and constant use.

A battery box is a seriously encouraged security feature as part of every solar system and will be able to be purchased for very reasonable prices or maybe made yourself, if you have the time.

A solar battery box isolates the electrical power source from anyone or anything that may come into contact with the solar battery.

The following materials needed are a DC meter that fits the particular voltage of your battery and a DC input.

The DC meter and input module are necessary for transforming the energy you accumulate into a useable power supply for household usage. Obviously in the event that you are wishing to power AC equipment you’ll require a good inverter as well.

That is basically just about all the gear you’ll need. It’s time to get going building your solar power panel structure. Use any handheld drill so that you can fix your meter and DC input to the topmost end of the battery pack box. Link the battery to the DC volt meter using some insulated wire.

Remember, these guidelines are purely an illustration of the process and are by no means a conclusive guidebook. If you genuinely wish to build your own solar panel, any of the instructions I suggest later include full electrical wiring details.

Be certain to always join the negative input first and do not work with multiple cable connections at the same time. Utilize the very same process in order to attach the DC inlet and the solar cell to the battery itself.

Right now you are ready so that you can start changing the sun’s power directly into your own useful electrical power. Secure the box securely and be certain to position the cell in an ideal area for collecting the sun’s rays. After a whole day under the sunshine you should have built up a decent source of Do it yourself solar electricity.

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Neville Pettersson is an environmentalist who has created a pretty handy review regarding the four top ‘build your own solar panel’ publications presently on the market. It seriously is easy to build your own solar panel if you have the proper info. Really don’t pay out thousands when you can build your own solar panel for less than $200.

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