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Solar and wind are good alternative energy sources in the US. This explains why the many companies such as Mitsubishi, Sharp and Sunpower popularly make the solar panels. These manufacturers have lately improved the panels to include the inverters right into them. The question, “how can I go green?” is real among different Americans. Energy is one of the most expensive resources that you use in your home. Therefore, when you look for ways to cut down the energy costs in your house, you should embrace the green technology. Currently, environmental conservation is a very important issue not only in the US but also in other countries around the globe.

Different industries including energy, fashion, auto and many others are currently producing green products. Solar and wind energy are very natural and you do not need to burn fuel or cause any sort of environmental pollution. In addition, no one owns the winds or sun except the God. Once the sun rises up in the blue skies, every home can freely benefit from this gift of nature. The same case applies to the raging winds. All you have to do is to determine which type of natural energy is viable in your home. You could decide to start with harvesting the solar energy. This will significantly reduce your electricity bills and once you fix the solar panels for the first time, you do not have extra costs. This is unlike the electricity because an organization distributes it in various residential and commercial settings to make money.

Available for you in the markets are many panels that come in separate sizes and shapes. The commonly bought are the photovoltaic panels. They come into three types including the monocrystalline panels. These are the oldest and most effective styles, cut from a slab of silicon grown from one crystal. The other type is a polycrystalline panel, cut from a silicon crystal with many facets. They are not as efficient as a monocrystalline panel of similar size and they look bigger. The other style is the Thin Film panels or amorphous panels. This type of a panel is made of any type of crystal set in a thin layer on metal or glass base. Of course, these panels are the least efficient and they are cheaper. As you can see, this is not a complex solution. Are you still asking yourself- how can I go green? You could also fix wind turbines in your home to tap the wind natural energy.

Many types of turbines exist. Some people really make them at home. You do not need a college degree to do it. Mostly, these people prefer wood turbines because there are numerous designs. All you have to do is to search for websites that deal with alternative energy technology. Once you pay someone to install a wind turbine in your home, troubleshooting it later is not a problem. The turbine commissioners are available and you should consult them. Most of these people have enough knowledge of wind turbines and related systems. The problem – how can I go green? Must not you worry any more. To cut down energy costs in your homestead, use a wind turbine and good solar panels. They come in different costs but they are wonderful investments.

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