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Solar Power – YouTube – Intense Solar Power

What Does Solar Power For Home Mean?

Did You Ever Notice?
Have you noticed that the homes have huge tinted windows in them while driving? One may wonder why anyone would want such tall windows of his house. The reason for this is because they are using solar energy to heat their homes and to provide the energy needed to power it. Any home can be built to use solar power with just a few minor alteration to make and you too can build a solar power house that will save you a lot of money in the future as you use solar power to heat your home, pump and heat the water and also to provide energy to your home to power appliances and lighting in your home naturally and effectively without a monthly bill.

How does solar power home work?
There are some suggestions in building your home solar energy. Depends on where you live which side of the house you should put more windows. For the most part, it is common to think that the sun rises farther south side of your home. This is the area where you want the most windows of your home. Thus, let the sun shine through and warm your house naturally. Also make sure there are no trees that are directly next to the house that can prevent the sun shining directly on the house. Do not use dark colors to decorate your home. Instead of using bright colors and light that draws the heat more evenly and more benefits.

With the addition of a solar source outside, where you can use solar power designed box to attract the heat from the sun can be converted into energy to power your home and warm water. The products you need to achieve this will cost a bit more than if you built a standard home, without using solar power. The beauty of solar power is that it is an initial investment.

Overtime when you totally rely on the sun to heat your house and all the other functions it might do, you will not have a monthly bill because you do not pay for the sun every month you do with other sources of energy. Use ceiling fans to reduce the amount of time it may be necessary to run your air conditioner. Ceiling fans can produce a much more heat and air without having hot and cold pockets throughout the home. Keep the doors closed during the day, the sun shines on the side of your home in order to save the heat inside your home longer.

By: Melissa Rose

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Solar Power – YouTube – Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough

The rainwater harvesting industry is constantly looking for different ways of making rainwater harvesting more economical and practical. Rainwater harvesting means you can use between 30% and 50% less on mains water consumption, and since we are all now under strong government pressure to do this. The Code for Sustainable Homes recommends rainwater harvesting for its higher target levels (maximum of 80 litres per day per person) and new Building Reg Part G 17K coming in April 2010 will, mean that, for the first time, water consumption limits will be a legal requirement in new buildings.

Rainwater harvesting does, however, in most circumstances use an electric pump to take the stored rainwater to where it is needed, and this pump needs power. Steps have already been taken to reduce this pump energy use. There are now specially-designed gravity feed systems whereby a rainwater header tank is only refilled when empty rather than every time water is drawn. This avoids the pump hunting, reduces pump activity considerably and, therefore, reduces energy use. The next logical step has been to use solar energy to power the pump.

A solar panel the size of a small car windscreen can power a gravity-feed rainwater management system. The solar panel, in combination with a submersible 12 volt pump in the main storage tank and a battery ensure rainwater can be pumped to the rainwater header tank without any use of mains electricity. The control mechanism of the system and the pump are both powered by the battery that is kept topped up by solar power in daylight hours. Even on a cloudy day, tests show that the most up-to-date solar panels can give six times the charge necessary to run a rainwater harvesting system in a typical family home. In the unlikely event of the panel not providing enough charge to the battery, mains electricity is used as backup. Furthermore, unlike normal chargers, the standby mode of the mains charger takes no current at all, not even a trickle.

So in such a system, the powerful mains-electric pump is replaced by a small 12 volt pump which pumps to 8-10 metres high, enough to feed a header tank on a two story house. One or more relay pumps, with supplemental solar panels, can be added for taller buildings. It should be noted that this system does not provide enough pressure for garden sprinkling but gravity fed irrigation is fine.

For quite a while, solar pump kits have been available allowing rainwater to be moved without the need for mains electricity and without having to turn on and off manually. Water can be moved, for example, from a low level collecting tank in the garden (or even at the end of a polytunnel or greenhouse) to a storage tank at a higher level. The applications are numerous in allotments, equestrian properties, market gardens and for water features. These kits can supply a drip feed watering system through a header tank (so that water is available for gravity feed at any time, even through a time switch). In more sophisticated kits, when the float switch detects water, it starts pumping, then when the header tank is full, it turns the pump off.

Using solar energy to power the pump is a big step forward in making rainwater harvesting an attractive sustainable proposition by saving water while not using extra power to do so.

About The Author

Rainwater Harvesting Limited supplies rainwater harvesting storage tanks, pumps, filters & management systems to private and commercial properties. Find an extensive resource full of valuable technical information and advise at http://www.rainwaterharvesting.co.uk . The invaluable rainwater harvesting tank size calculator is at=> http://www.rainwaterharvesting.co.uk/calculator.php

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Solar Power – Energy Renewable Solar

Energy Renewable Solar

Energy renewable solar power has many positive advantages in every day life, more than you might think. Newer power companies,are starting to understand that solar power can be an affordable alternative to plants that use valuable resources like coal, natural gas and petroleum, and far less dangerous than nuclear. Not only are the initial Continue reading Solar Power – Energy Renewable Solar

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Solar Power – Latest Solar Power news – Energy Providers Invest in Sharp Solar Power Plants in Germany

Ok so you might find the next few links interesting. These are from around the web, just random snippets that I’ve picked up in my reading, but I found some very cool information in them. You might too. Here goes…

Energy Providers Invest in Sharp Solar Power Plants in Germany

Roughly 17000 Sharp thin-film modules produce environmentally friendly electricity in each of Continue reading Solar Power – Latest Solar Power news – Energy Providers Invest in Sharp Solar Power Plants in Germany

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Solar Power – Solar Power Plants For Urban Use Becoming a Reality

Most of us are familiar with the concept behind the wind farm as a means to generate sufficient energy to power the needs of urban environments. Solar power technology has lagged behind in this field, as it was better suited to smaller installations.

Now, however, we are beginning to see new experimental installations and technologies that are striving to break the Continue reading Solar Power – Solar Power Plants For Urban Use Becoming a Reality

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Solar Power – YouTube – Solar Power 101 – how does sunlight turn into electricity

Solar electricity is the rising alternative source of power. In the past centuries, solar energy has been powering some devices like calculators. Its effectiveness and efficiency has been proven for many centuries ago. Now, solar energy is being looked into as a source of electricity. It can be remembered that solar power plants have been built in many areas as an alternative source of electricity. Now, it is again seen as a natural source of electricity in every household.

The development in the field of electricity has given rise to the designing of residential solar power. It has also intensified the term solar electricity in the market. Meanwhile, solar energy is the energy coming from the sun. In this present era, solar electricity is a relevant one because it addresses issues concerning electricity. It is further called solar electricity because the current that will be used to power household equipments or appliances is directly coming from the sun.

Solar electricity brings various benefits. One, it saves the owner from paying his or her bills every month. With the increasing price of gas and oil, the rate for every kilowatt used has also increased. The increase has also been continuous which make it safe to conclude that in the coming days, the price of electricity will increase.

Second, it addresses environmental concerns. It is beyond doubt that global warming and climate change is a reality and is being felt in some places of the globe. For this reason, minimizing the emission of carbon dioxide which is considered as a major greenhouse gas has been seen as a solution. By using solar electricity, one cannot necessarily use electricity which emits carbon dioxide. Having said it all, solar electricity is not only cost-effective but is also environment-friendly.

Most regular-sized homes use stand-alone systems so that it the system will be able to deduct energy consumption from electric companies while giving the home its required amount. During the first months of usage, it will incur more solar electricity that will offset your bill’s balance. The beauty with having your very own residential solar electricity system is there will be more energy for your home to consume without you having worry about increasing costs.

However, while you are in this transition stage, it is also recommended for you to try to decrease your consumption while your system is trying to warm up. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. Once your residential solar electricity system stabilizes according to your home’s energy needs, these adjustments will be finished.

If you’re concerned about your home’s safety, residential solar electricity systems are guaranteed to be a hundred percent safe. Soon, you will no longer notice that you are already being weaned from those huge electric companies because your system will be the one to take care of it for you. Join the residences that have decided to go green and choose the best energy source for your home without having to burn your pockets.

About The Author

If you want to learn about Solar Electricity, you have to start with the basics. Visit Solar Electricity Basics and begin your journey to alternative energy.

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Solar Power – YouTube – DIY The Cheapest Solar Panel System EVER Cheap Solar Power

Well done for locating this specific write-up, it might actually save you tens of thousands of dollars and drastically reduce the pay back time for your brand new solar energy system.

However you located this does not mean much at this moment, what precisely does matter is that you are now equipped with the facts that IT IS POSSIBLE for you to build your own personal solar power panels.

The objective of the following article is to give you a quick run down of the procedure to build your own solar panel. First things first you need to find yourself a small solar power panel which is 12 volts or larger. In this particular case a sixteen volt solar power cell will certainly fit your needs the best.

The very first location to check out is your neighborhood hardware store. Go to the major ones to begin with, or for good discounts search for 2nd hand panels from the smaller retail outlets. You ought to be able to find one that is priced close to or perhaps under a hundred bucks.

The 2nd major thing you’ll need is a battery. Whereas you could be tempted to go large or go home regarding this aspect, a more compact standard rechargeable solar battery is normally the perfect pick.

A 12 volt lead or acid battery will do the trick. The particular variety you are searching for in this case is a deep cell battery mainly because they happen to be constructed the best for the purpose of frequent and constant use.

A battery box is a seriously encouraged security feature as part of every solar system and will be able to be purchased for very reasonable prices or maybe made yourself, if you have the time.

A solar battery box isolates the electrical power source from anyone or anything that may come into contact with the solar battery.

The following materials needed are a DC meter that fits the particular voltage of your battery and a DC input.

The DC meter and input module are necessary for transforming the energy you accumulate into a useable power supply for household usage. Obviously in the event that you are wishing to power AC equipment you’ll require a good inverter as well.

That is basically just about all the gear you’ll need. It’s time to get going building your solar power panel structure. Use any handheld drill so that you can fix your meter and DC input to the topmost end of the battery pack box. Link the battery to the DC volt meter using some insulated wire.

Remember, these guidelines are purely an illustration of the process and are by no means a conclusive guidebook. If you genuinely wish to build your own solar panel, any of the instructions I suggest later include full electrical wiring details.

Be certain to always join the negative input first and do not work with multiple cable connections at the same time. Utilize the very same process in order to attach the DC inlet and the solar cell to the battery itself.

Right now you are ready so that you can start changing the sun’s power directly into your own useful electrical power. Secure the box securely and be certain to position the cell in an ideal area for collecting the sun’s rays. After a whole day under the sunshine you should have built up a decent source of Do it yourself solar electricity.

About The Author

Neville Pettersson is an environmentalist who has created a pretty handy review regarding the four top ‘build your own solar panel’ publications presently on the market. It seriously is easy to build your own solar panel if you have the proper info. Really don’t pay out thousands when you can build your own solar panel for less than $200.

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