Video of Ann Arbor Michigan Solar Roof Installation

I was finally able to get the time lapse video posted to

This was the full roof installation. Before this was done the guys from Select Solar and Generator hung the inverter and set the wiring from the panels to the inverter and from the inverter to the DTE generation meter, and from the generation meter to the breaker panel.

In case you didn’t see it before this is 42 panels, each with a 230 Watt capacity for a total DC power rating of 9,660 Watts.

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2 thoughts on “Video of Ann Arbor Michigan Solar Roof Installation”

  1. How much did it cost? Approximately how many man-hours went into installing the panels on the roof? Did they do it in two pars? Mechanical installation on day one and then a smaller crew on day two to do the electrical work?

  2. The system cost about $42,000 installed. That was a well optimized price. (When I was an engineer I worked in power conversion and did system design.)

    I didn’t track the man-hours, but it was a lot. Getting the roof mounting properly set up and doing all the wiring in conduit took a lot of time. The material costs was probably about $36,000. But the price of panels has dropped in the last 15 months.

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